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Why you should upgrade to TOGAF 9.2 certification

TOGAF origins can be traced back to the U.S. Department of Defense (TAFIM)

The US defense department used TAFIM as a model to offer insight for Enterprise Architecture that included deep structuring & configuration based on niche requirements. Later TAFIM was shut down & TOGAF was released & used due to its vendor neutrality foundational framework to develop EA assets & IT / IS.

This was a very bold step by the US defense department, but with conviction to achieve new heights, the TOGAF framework was introduced with the hope of succeeding. And exactly that happened of what was expected, this new vendor-neutral framework was not only pretty generic to use but also very effective. TOGAF has subsequently released new editions within this time frame of 25 years. Now in April 2018, the latest and the futuristic version of TOGAF was released.


  1. TOGAF 9 was an evolutionary edition of the outmoded TOGAF 8, with a degree of change in its usability, frequency in outputs & overall change in the EA design. TOGAF 9 edition was more modular & structured than its entire older edition. There were a series of improvements made on the TOGAF 9 to upgrade it to TOGAF 9.1, features like a refinement of the network, library capabilities, content model, etc.
  2. The TOGAF 9.2 edition has many new features that make it unique & a professional will be interested in upgrading their certifications simultaneously.
  3. It focuses more on digital trends, Business Architecture training & has expanded its domain. The content meta-model has also found significant changes in its sphere. Standards like ISO / IEEE 42010: 2011 has been adopted in the TOGAF 9.2.
  4. The library now has embraced guidelines, reference for templates, patterns to accelerate EA functions.
  5. Minor updates & improvement are made in the Spec book & study guide, and the Spec book has now shrunk to 532 pages & study guide to 265 pages long. The series guide has secluded the modules that included value streams, business scenarios, business capabilities & Architecture Project Management.
  6. Clarification, in its definition, the TOGAF 9.2, has defined itself as a common language or a universal language.

The Business Architecture model has been expanded in the new edition of TOGAF 9.2.

  1. The execution of the BAM model supported by ADM has new phases attached in Phase B of the BA.
  2. The most important goal of ADM is to achieve all the business goals in Enterprise Architecture.

The contents have significantly changed, remaining all the other information the same as before. The main focus is on the digitalization & transformation of business beyond IT. The curriculum & structure follows the same format of examination level, & other outlines like foundation exam still bear 40 MCQ’s where you need to score a bare minimum of 55% to qualify the part one examination. The prerequisite being the same was to take the certification exam needs 60% minimum to qualify & get certified as TOGAF 9.2 professional.

The question pattern remains the same with eight scenarios based MCQs in which candidates have scored 5 points for the correct answer, 3 points for partially correct answer & 1 point for the near correct answer. A candidate needs to understand that he or she has to score 24 points in total, which is the minimum to qualify the part two exam.

It is recommended by professionals, mentors, guild experts & industry leaders to every aspirant to score at least 70% in foundation exam and 75-80% in the part two certification exam. They have referred that due to TOGAF’s global presence & popularity. Many aspirants & professionals of IT who are in Enterprise Design or want to switch their careers to EA are opting for certification exams. Hence it is seen that professionals are outnumbering every year & giving very heavy competition with each other.


If you are already certified with TOGAF, then it is a must for you to upgrade your certification & get aware of the new inclusion & technological advancement. But if you are new to TOGAF Certification then it’s good for you, you can prepare for the new certification from scratch. For every candidate, it is recommended to buy in the four-day online course available in the Open source by paying $ 1000, which avails you the benefit of training & also exemption from the examination fees. Also, you can retake the examination thrice in a year if you happen to fail in any part.

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