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How to laund BTC?

Bitcoin - very useful and comfortable currency for all modern users. It appeared in 21 century and became a very used cryptocurrency in the world.

Many people believe that bitcoin is anonymous and untraceable. This is fundamentally wrong. Yes, it is anonymous, but until you can link your wallet and your name. And as you can imagine, the government is trying to do it. Many in the community have started using other coins because of this, since transactions in BTC are easy to track.

However, there is another solution that provides anonymity. The so-called bitcoin mixers, or bitcoin tumblers.

It is a website or application that accepts coins and mixes them with many others. They have been used successfully for several years in a row and have been effective in covering up tracks. But lately, they have been struggling to prevent money laundering schemes from being implemented through them.

The principle of operation is simple — the site accepts the cryptocurrency of many people, then uses algorithms to mix and send bitcoins to different wallets. Since transactions are mixed, mixed, such a service has such a name — a cryptocurrency mixer.

Once the mixing is complete, the coins will be sent back minus the service fee. This fee usually depends on several factors, including the number of mixes as well as the number of coins sent.

If the toggle switch succeeds, then the coins cannot be associated with you.

Such services are not necessarily used for illegal purposes. Sometimes you need to hide your trail and ownership of cryptocurrency from ransomware, protect yourself and so on.

If you was searching to good bitcoin mixer, that is why https://cryptamixer.com is the nest variant for you. Because you can laund your cryptocurrency in a little terms by paying a little bit fees for the work of the service.

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