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The 10 most popular sex positions

The 10 most popular sex positions

The first place came as a surprise to us. The last one, however, was a surprise, too. The popular website SexPositions.Club conducted a survey among its users concerning their sexual preferences. More than 2,000 thousand people (both genders) who live an active sex life took part in the survey. Among the many different questions was a question about favorite sex positions. To everyone’s surprise, the first place went to the position «man behind» — it is named the most popular, and among both men and women. We must say, this result was sort of a sensation for us: we always thought that women preferred the missionary position, more popular in romantic movies (not to mention the fact that it provides the most active stimulation of the clitoris). Turns out, women are just as much fans of the «man behind» position! This is a pleasant surprise.

We suggest you read the ranking of other sex positions in descending order. And yes, we are aware that the last three items are not really poses.

  1. 1. Doggy-style position
  2. 2. Missionary
  3. 3. Cowgirl.
  4. 4. Feet on shoulders
  5. 5. 69 position
  6. 6. Lying on your side
  7. 7. Backwards horsewoman
  8. 8. Oral sex
  9. 9. Anal sex
  10. 10. Sex on the table

Note that «table sex» is last on the list of sexual priorities for both sexes. And that’s despite the fact that according to SexPositions.Club’s «What kind of sex would you like to try?» survey, sex on the table is at the top of the list. Apparently, a fork digging into a buttock and a jar of pickles thrown off the table forever discourages us from having kitchen adventures.

The most important sex position in which a woman can reach orgasm, according to sexologists

Forget about sex toys and the Kamasutra: sexologists say that everything is much simpler! After a man reaches a certain age, he becomes interested not so much in his own orgasm as in his partner’s orgasm. It feels good, damn it, when the partner feels good! As a result, we try with manic enthusiasm to give our partner pleasure, resorting to the most sophisticated methods and unusual sex positions. (Needless to say, we’re constantly trying to figure out whether our partner had a real orgasm or was faking it.)

So, get ready for all your efforts of the previous years to be devalued now. Sexologist Annabela Knight, in an interview with the Daily Star, named the most effective position for female orgasm. And that pose is... missionary. Yes, yes, the most ordinary missionary position, without any tricks, toys or feathers. «This pose is often underestimated, calling it too boring,» Annabela explained. — "But it is in this pose that both internal and external stimulation occur simultaneously. In other words, in the missionary position, you simultaneously reach both your G-spot and stimulate your partner’s clitoris without the need for extra fingers.

The next time you have an opportunity to have sex (and it can happen at any time — no one is immune!), give preference to the missionary position. The rest of the secrets of a stable female orgasm, for example, here — «She’s already! A Guide to the Female Orgasm».

Scientists have found out in which position it is easiest for a woman to reach orgasm!

Stop wasting your time with unpromising sex positions! And here come the results of another study that could change your sex life. Or rather, your partner’s sex life. The results were published in the journal Clinical Anatomy, in an article with the intriguing title «Anatomical differences and orgasm: can features of anatomy affect the ability to achieve orgasm?»

The authors of the article, professors at Indiana University School of Medicine, came to several conclusions in the course of their study. For starters: it’s much easier for men to reach orgasm than for women (that’s news!). All a man needs to achieve orgasm is a well-oiled connection between his parasympathetic nervous system and his sympathetic nervous system.

Simply put, when a beautiful stranger touches your penis (which happens all the time), your brain processes this pleasant sensation and tells the penis how to react. And then you’re on your way to orgasm, so to speak (this is probably the most ribald phrase on our site lately).

With women, as usual, everything is much more complicated. Scientists from Indiana have decided that the female orgasm is related to such a phenomenon as «clitoral migration»: during arousal the clitoris not only increases, but also «migrates» (to be precise, wakes up its many nerve endings) to the front wall of the vagina. Therefore the most effective sex positions for achieving orgasm are the ones during which the penis stimulates the front wall of the vagina at a comfortable angle of 30-45 degrees. And there are only two positions (drum roll!): missionary and «horsewoman»! We’re letting you out into a world full of women with this invaluable information. We hope you’ll use it for everyone’s benefit.

Best and worst sex positions for partners with different body types

A fragile partner and a large partner are best suited to the «cowgirl» position, but the «on your side» position is best avoided. And other tips for partners with different types of figures.

A petite girl and a very tall or large man.

Unsuitable sex position: «on the side» and «man from behind». The least comfortable poses if the difference in height is great. With a short, fragile girl, these positions will require you to have an Olympic knack and strain.

The ideal positions are «horsewoman» and «standing. «In a couple, a large man and a small woman most often practice the ’woman on top’ position,» Valeria suggests. — You can also improvise with height changes, such as sex on a table. "Sit on any surface — a chair or the edge of a bed. The girl sits on top and places her knees bent at your sides. In this case she should hold on to your hands or shoulders — so most of her weight will fall on your hips, not on her knees, which will diversify the usual pose with a whole palette of new pleasant sensations.

In addition, you are the lucky ones who can easily indulge in carnal pleasures in the «standing» sex position. With a fragile partner you will get tired much slower, and the girl will feel like a fluff in your hands.

Tall girl and short man.

Unsuitable sex position: «man from behind.» If a girl effortlessly patted your head affectionately when you, standing on a chair, handed her coat, this pose is not for you. And there are good reasons for that: for example, the inability to stimulate the G-spot.

The ideal sex position: all horizontal positions. «In the horizontal position, any difference in height will not be noticeable,» explains our specialist. — In this case, it does not matter who is on top." Of course, we are talking not only about the missionary position, but also about «horsewoman», «backwards horsewoman» and, of course, the «on your side» pose. Do not deny yourself anything! But it is better not to go out of the horizontal sex position.

A girl with a trim form and a thin man.

Inappropriate sex position: «horsewoman. The rare case when the words «bad idea» and «horsewoman» are in the same sentence. «Couples with a large difference in weight will not suit the position in which a fuller partner is located on top,» warns Valeria. Of course, this is not an axiom. We only hint that everyone should judiciously assess their strength.

Ideal position: «man on top», «on the side» or «man behind». A great option for the «on your side» pose with a lush beauty is the so-called «fetal position». The partner lies on her side and pulls one, or ideally both, legs to her chest. A pillow can be placed under the thighs for comfort.

For deep penetration a timeless classic, the missionary position, will do. Put the girl’s legs on your shoulders, and again it will be appropriate to put a pillow under her thighs.

Full partner and full partner.

Inappropriate sex positions: missionary pose, «standing» pose and on the table. Positions in which partners lie on top of each other, do not suit you if you are a healthy couple, devoid of prejudice, imposed from the pages of glossy magazines all sorts of slackers. Perhaps needless to say, that the «standing» pose — when the partner leans with her back against the wall, hugging her partner with her legs — you do not need. Neither do acrobatic exercises on the kitchen table. Well, it didn’t look like much.

Best sex position: all positions where partners are perpendicular to each other. Here no one has the right to limit you, just one position «horsewoman» gives good leeway for the imagination. You will also like the «lying on your side» position, which allows you to hold on for a long time without getting too tired.

«Game of Thrones» Kamasutra!

Ten new and incredible sex position based on the series!

1. The «You Know Nothing, Jon Snow» pose. One partner goes off on a business trip to The Wall, and his woman is having sex with someone else in the meantime.

2. Hodor threesome position. The man becomes all Hodor and enters the woman from behind while she performs oral sex on his real body.

3. Path of Sex Position. The man gets behind the woman and they walk across town naked, having sex as they go. Street gawkers are supposed to shout «Shame!» and throw all sorts of vegetables at them. Wet lettuce leaves, for example.

4. Arya Stark position. Before falling asleep, the woman lies alone on her back and repeats the names of the men with whom she had such disgusting sex that they should be killed for it.

5. Pinkie Pose. A man uses his little finger to caress a woman, and as soon as he feels her orgasm approaching, he drops his partner into a hole that opens into the abyss.

6. The Three Dragons pose. The man puts on two strapons and suddenly jumps on the woman from the closet.

7. «Knight» pose. A man puts a new episode of Game of Thrones on a torrent download and quickly manages to have sex with his partner while an episode is downloaded to his computer.

8. «Grigor ’The Mountain’ Clegane» position. A man and a woman have sex while positioned on a huge man.

9. The pose of «What’s dead can’t die.» A man with erectile dysfunction, having failed to achieve an erection, assures the woman that this has happened to him for the first time.

10. George R. R. Martin pose. A man promises his partner an incredible final orgasm for a very, very, very long time, but does nothing more.

Beware! Scientists have named the most dangerous sex position for men

And it’s not the girl on top, it’s the wife suddenly back in the doorway.)) We were pleasantly surprised to discover the existence of the International Journal of Impotence Research. (Introducing letters from readers to this journal: «Been reading you for years...») We think it’s great that the topic of impotence is being researched! Maybe someday mankind will conquer this terrible illness and head towards a bright future, head straight, firmly and high!

Flipping through the magazine, we were surprised for the second time. This time we were unpleasantly surprised. The fact is that the publication contained an article titled "The Relationship Between Sexual Position and the Severity of Penile Injury. We want to think even less about penile trauma than we do about impotence, but the article detailed the relationship between sex positions and a broken penis.

What’s more, the article named one particular position in which the risk of penile trauma increases many times over. And that pose — get ready that your sex will never be carefree again — is a man behind you! Although, it would seem, there are far more traumatic sex positions. For example, if a girl is sitting on top, all the weight on the fragile wonder of nature (we mean the penis).

But no, scientists are quite specific in their medical antipathies: a man from behind — and that’s it. Forty-one percent of hospital admissions for penile trauma were caused by this exact position. 25.5% went to the hospital with penile trauma sustained in the «man on top» position, and only 10% with penile trauma acquired during sex in the already mentioned «girl on top» position. At least there were no cases of penile disappearance in the study.

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